Today steute is a globally renowned specialist for the development and production of safe and reliable switchgear for complex and critical applications. The steute product portfolio comprises a wide range of serial products, as well as numerous customised solutions, and is divided into four business fields, each with its own core area of competence: Wireless, Automation, Extreme and Meditec.

steute 是全球知名開發和生產複雜危險環境應用的安全開關設備製造商。
steute 產品種類繁多,另外還有很多定制解決方案,主要分為四個業務領域,每個領域都有自己核心競爭力。

Wireless 無線監控

For users of wireless technologies steute provides a comprehensive switchgear range employing different wireless standards which are able to guarantee extremely reliable transmission even in unfavourable conditions. Many of the switches are self-sufficient, functioning according to the “energy harvesting” principle, i.e. they require neither an external energy supply nor batteries. This steute technology has also been modified and certified for use in Ex-zones. 對於無線技術,steute 為用戶提供了一個全面擁有不同無線標準的開關系列,能夠保證甚至在惡劣條件下開關也能做到極為穩定地信號傳輸。許多開關都是自給自足,功能通過「能量採集」的原理實現,即他們不需要外部電源也沒有電池。steute這項技術也已經被修改和認證用於防爆區域。

Automation 自動化技術

For the automation industry steute provides a wide range of very durable switching devices using tried-and-tested electromechanical technology, as well as various no-contact detection techniques. Standard product series are complemented by customised switchgear developed especially for defined fields of application or unusual situations. 對於自動化行業,steute提供了大量堅固耐用的開關設備,開關生產採用久經考驗的機電技術,以及各種無觸點檢測技術。應用於特殊情況下的定制化開關同標準系列開關互為補充。

Extreme 極抗產品

The switching devices included in the business field “Extreme” are extremely vibration-proof, heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, hygienic and/or impact-resistant. Our Ex range is a cornerstone of this business field, certified in accordance with international explosion protection requirements and used all over the world, for example in chemicals plants and oil refineries. Switchgear production is certified in accordance with the ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU, while the devices themselves meet international Ex-protection regulations such as UL/CSA, EAC, IECEx, Ex Nepsi and Inmetro. 「極抗」系列領域內的開關設備具有極強的防震、耐熱、耐腐蝕、抗衝擊和高密封等特性。防爆開關是本系列領域的核心,嚴格按照國際防爆要求進行認證,在全世界被廣泛使用,例如在化學工廠和煉油廠。開關生產按照ATEX認證94/9/EG標準執行,而開關本身符合國際防爆標準如UL / CSA、EAC、IECEx、 ExNepsi和Inmetro。

Meditec 醫療產品

For around thirty years steute has been developing and manufacturing high-quality switchgear for all types of medical equipment – used for example in high-frequency surgery, ophthalmology (phacoemulsification), dentistry and diagnostic imaging techniques like CT and MRT. Some of the switching systems perform very complex functions; wireless standards developed especially for medical equipment take care of signal transmission. The business field “Meditec” works in accordance with the quality control system EN ISO 13485 and manufactures certified medical products. 無論醫生是在診斷還是在手術室進行手術過程中,如果醫生和其他醫務人員能全身心地關注於病人,醫療設備必須被準確的操作。 在這種對人機介面有極高要求的領域,steute 掌握了全面的專業知識。我們的醫療產品不僅適用於醫療設備的腳踏控制和手動操作,也為無線用戶極其複雜的應用訂製提供特製的操作方式。steute 醫療設備的產品皆滿足人體工學及便利性。根據醫療產品品質認證EN ISO 13485 指令來生產的。