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The efforts of the Schmersal group have for many years been directed to producing products for safety at the workplace. From the most varied mechanical and electrosensitive switching devices, the largest range in the world of safety switching devices and safety switching systems for the protection of man and machine has come into being. In this new online-catalogue, the complete range is presented.

For about twenty years now, safety and productivity have no longer been mutually exclusive. Authorities and institutions have followed with great attention the integration of modern safety systems into the machines, thus supporting a free flow of production. The manufacturers of safety systems provide an important contribution to the organization of a humane working environment, in which the machine takes over heavy and monotonous work from the workers without making them subject to dangers and risks.

Motivated by the vision of a safe working environment, the development engineers of the Schmersal group are continuously producing new devices and systems for all sorts of application situations. We will focus on three lines of business: lift technology, automation technology and safety technology. Our large know-how, our innovative strength and our extensive program are the keywords of our leading position. New safety concepts require new system solutions and innovative principles of detection need to be integrated as well as using new methods of information transmission and evaluation. The growing volume of standards and directives on machine safety has also led to a change in the attitudes of manufacturers and users of machines.

Those are the challenges which the Schmersal group of companies has set itself, for today and the future, as partner of machine and plant manufacturers.







Products & Service 產品和系統

Safe switching & monitoring / 安全開關與監控

In the "Safe Switching and Monitoring" section, you will find an extraordinary large programme of safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications. 「安全開關與監控」範疇包含全面的安全開關產品組合,用於防護門的位置監控,以及危險位置和危險區域的無接觸保護。其中包括例如急停按鈕、帶安全功能的限位開關、安全開關和安全腳踏開關等。此外,SCHMERSAL 還提供安全光電開關、光幕、光柵等設備。

Safe signal processing / 安全信號處理

In the "Safe Signal Processing" section, you will find safety relay modules for various safety technology applications (e.g. for emergency stop and guard door monitoring) as well as centralised programmable safety controllers and decentralised field bus systems, e.g. a modular concept for safety functions control on small machines. 「安全信號處理」範疇包含用於各種安全技術領域的安全繼電器元件(例如用於急停和防護門監控的元件)以及基於中控和分散式微處理器的系統。其中包括應用極為靈活的可參數化和可程式設計的安全PLC控制器。

Automation technology / 自動化技術

In the "Automation Technology" section, you will find switching appliances for the mechanical position detection in various fields of application as well as (safety) sensors with different operating principles; this section furthermore includes a comprehensive programme of command and signalling devices. 「自動化技術」範疇包含用於各種領域的機械性位置探測開關,以及不同原理的感測器設備。此外,SCHMERSAL還在微動開關、限位開關、腳踏開關,以及信號儀器和指令設備領域提供全面的產品選擇。

Devices for Ex Zones / 防爆開關

The "Ex Switchgear" includes switchgears, which can be used - in accordance with the harmonised standards - in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gas and dust, e.g. position switches, safety switches and safety sensors with non-contact operating principle. 「防爆開關」範疇包含用於防爆保護符合標準規定的開關設備,適用於燃氣、粉塵爆炸等危險區域。其中包括限位開關、安全開關、安全感測器以及磁簧開關等。

Lift switchgear / 電梯技術

In the "Lift Switchgears" section, you will find lift switchgears for various applications in the shaft pit, the lift car and the machine room: floor and fine-adjustment switches, positive-break door contacts, position switches, magnetic reed switches, remote alarm systems as well as the USP ultrasonic elevator positioning system. 「電梯技術」範疇包含滿足各種需求的電梯開關,例如對電梯通道、電梯間、機房的保護和監控。其中包括電梯控制器、門鎖裝置、平層精確開關、安全門觸點、限位開關、磁簧開關、緊急呼叫系統,以及感應近接開關USP等。


Featured Products / 特色產品介紹

AZM 300

AZM 400


AZM 200

Safe Solutions 行業解決方案

Safe solutions for your industry: according to this principle, the Schmersal Group develops safety switching appliances and systems for machinery and plant construction.

Every field of application of this machinery all its specific risks, as a result of which different requirements are applicable with regard to the safety, the availability and the accessibility of the machines. The ambient conditions are another crucial element, which often require the safety switching components to meet particular requirements.

These solutions are presented to you on our industry portal sites. Here, you will also find industry-related news and information about the latest technological industry-specific trends as well as “Best Practice” examples.

Do you want to know more? Check out the portal site, which is dedicated to your industry – and not just today! The contents will be continuously updated.

SCHMERSAL集團在安全系統領域擁有著豐富行業經驗,無論是高質量需求還是特殊技術要求,我們都能為您提供最優行業解決方案。業務領域覆蓋: 食品製造、包裝行業、機床機械、電梯與自動扶梯、重工行業、木工行業,以及汽車行業等。




同時,由國際認證的功能安全工程師團隊組成的 技術服務中心 tec.nicum 還可為您提供全方位安全服務,包括:課程培訓、安全諮詢、技術規劃、實施安裝等。

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